Selling a Property

Prior to placing your property on the market there is important preparation that is needed which not only will assist in achieving the best price but will avoid any delays once marketing is underway.  All of this, as well as valuation advice, is covered in our free marketing appraisal.  By covering the following key points you will hopefully be left feeling that we fully understand the Commercial market and you are confident of our ability as The Commercial Property Specialists.

Property Condition

We advise what may be done to improve the price you achieve.

Digital Advertising

Given the majority of property enquiries are via the internet, we ensure extensive exposure on the main commercial property and business portals. This ensures that as wide an audience as possible can be reached.


We use regional, national and international media formats but appreciate that some clients may wish for a more discreet approach to the marketing of their business / property.


What issues, if any, need to be addressed with your legal representative prior to a buyer being found, as well as the process once a transaction is agreed.


How your accounts should be presented to prospective purchasers.


We advise on how to handle the issues of preparing an inventory which is itemised by us, and included within our fees.

Viewings and Applicants

We appreciate that running a business is a time consuming venture and are happy to undertake viewings on your behalf if this is your preference. From a vendors point of view it is important to know that you have the right people viewing your property and from an applicants point of view that you are viewing the right property. This is where the understanding of vetting prospective purchasers and knowing what an applicant wants is vital, which can only come from years of experience in the field.


In the Commercial market every property and every transaction is different, and as such so are the negotiations that take place along the way. Your negotiations will be dealt with by the person best placed to do so, namely the person who you met at your initial meeting, so they will have an understanding of your requirements and your property.

Feedback & Contact

As a vendor it is not true that all you want is a buyer. Until a buyer is found, feedback from applicants and viewers is essential to ensure the property is being well received in the market. Taking note of feedback may improve the opportunity of obtaining an earlier sale. If desired we will agree a specific timescale as to how often you wish to be updated. Some clients say every week, some say when there is interest!


Having acted for a whole array of vendors: from private hoteliers to plc companies and investment funds, we are able to offer different fee structures to suit all clients. For example some clients prefer the traditional Estate Agent approach of "No Sale No Fee" where all marketing costs etc are included within the fee. Others like to place a specific client schedule of advertising which is then taken into account within the fee structure. Either way our fees are highly competitive.