Mixed Commercial and Residential Investment with Long Term Ground Floor Tenants

Submitted on Tue, 12/02/2019 - 19:33

If you have money on deposit not earning much interest a recent instruction with Commercial and Business specialists JD Commercial may make your money work better for you.  At a quoting price of £369,950 and with a rental income of £29,040 per annum, that is nearly 8% return on your money.  The property itself is located on Newport Road, Barnstaple, and consists of 2 commercial shop units and 2 residential flats.  The commercial parts produce a combined income of £16,800 per annum, with both shops being sold with the balance their 20 year leases.  Above the shops are two residential flats, bringing in a combined £12,240 per annum, with both providing 2 bedroomed accommodation with fitted kitchens and lounge / diners.  Central heating was installed in one of the flats only 2 years ago.  So for those investors who are seeking a better return on their money JD Commercial can be contacted on 01237 424053