If Crafting and Sewing are your Hobby why not turn that Interest into a Business

Submitted on Wed, 18/07/2018 - 16:18

For many turning their hobby into a money making business is a dream, for instance how do you even think about starting a business, will I get customer straight away, when will I start making money?  Purchasing a going concern business eliminates many of these concerns as you will have customer walking through the door from day one.  JD Commercial are marketing such a business in Mill Street, Bideford.  Having been operating for 5 years, Mill Street Makery trades as a craft, fabric and haberdashery business whilst also offering bespoke curtain services.  At a quoting price of £13,950 the entry level for purchasing the business is very attainable.  For more information JD Commercial can be contacted 01237 424053 or via www.jd-commercial.co.uk.